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Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July
Coding Hackathon
New! Data Wrangling Hackathon
2 intense days of coding & data analysis
5 tracks, 15 sessions: covering the full spectrum of Galaxy usage, administration & development 2 days of accepted talks, poster sessions, birds-of-a-feather, lightning talks, exhibits, keynotes, and networking.
New! BioJS Hackathon
Hack at the intersection of BioJS and Galaxy
New! Full day, single track, on using Galaxy
Pre-GCC2015 2015 Galaxy Community Conference

Pre-GCC2015 Events


Coding Hackathon

An intense two-day hands-on collaboration to develop working code that is useful to the Galaxy community. If you know how to code, and want to contribute to one of the most successful open source projects in the life sciences, then please consider attending. See the Coding Hackathon home page for more.

Data Wrangling Hackathon

An intense two-day hands-on collaboration to develop cutting edge analysis pipelines that are useful to the Galaxy community. If you know data analysis, we would love to have you here to help us beat back those seemingly unsurmountable analysis challenges. See the Data Wrangling Hackathon home page for more.

BioJS Hackathon

The BioJS Project is holding a one-day hackathon on Saturday that emphasizes integrating BioJS with Galaxy, and that is co-located with the GCC2015 Hackathons. You can register for the BioJS Hackathon (as well as any GCC2015 events that interest you) through the GCC2015 registration site. The BioJS hackathon, like the GCC Hackathons, is free.

Training SunDay

Want to learn more about Galaxy than you can learn in a single day? Training SunDay was added this year to enable researchers to get a solid introduction to Galaxy on one day, and then explore advanced topics on the next. See the Training Day home page for more.

2015 Galaxy Community Conference

Monday 6 July: Training Day

Training Day features 5 parallel tracks, each including 3 sessions, and covering 15 different topics throughout the day.  Training Day sessions are taught by recognised leaders in the field and they are emphatically hands-on. The first session starts at 9:15 and the last ends at 18:30. See the Training Day page for a complete schedule.

Tuesday-Wednesday 7-8 July: Conference

The GCC2015 programme ends with a two day meeting featuring keynotes, accepted talks, lightning talks, poster and vendor sessions, birds-of-a-feather meetups, and the conference dinner.

The first day features keynotes, accepted and lightning talks, and birds-of-a-feather, poster, and sponsor sessions.  Formal content will run from approximately 9:00-18:00, with birds-of-a-feather (and Hackathon followup meetings) running in to the evening.

The final day continues the program from the first day, and ends with the Conference Dinner.  Formal meeting content will be finished by 18:00.

Other Nearby Events

Want to extend your trip? There are a plethora of other relevant events going on nearby (from Dublin to Norwich and in between), immediately before or after GCC2015.